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What You Need To Know About Preppy Clothes

Preppy is not a new term to many since people have used it for a very long time. Traditionally, the term was used to refer to youth born into money. Today, the term is not only used to refer to upper-classmen. The term preppy is looser than it was back then. Today, the term is used to describe people who have been brought up well and have adopted a specific manner of dressing and etiquette.

The preppy style is classy and elegant, and this is one reason why it is quickly spreading to many parts of the world. Preppy clothes came into play with the growing popularity of activities such as polo, sailing, tennis, rowing, and golf. Most preppy clothes are a reflection of these pastimes. The production of preppy clothes has been undertaken by many top designers today. This article seeks to look at some of the most common preppy wardrobe items for both men and women.

One common preppy clothing is the argyle sweater. This sweater is reflective on golf. The argyle sweater is not gender-specific, seeing as it is a good look for both men and women. Its pattern is unique since lozenges and diamond shapes characterize it. The argyle sweater is popular since its overlapping patterns create a sight that is multi-dimensional and unique. A lot of retail stores have these sweaters both in bold and dull colors.

Second on our list is the cable knit sweater. This is a piece you can be sure will never go out of style. These sweaters can be made from several materials. Some of these materials are cotton, cashmere, and wool. These classic clothes are available with sleeves, and without sleeves, therefore the choice is yours.

Another popular preppy cloth is the polo shirt. The polo shirt is a common attire in golf and tennis. Polo shirts are shirts with collars, two to three buttons, breast pockets, and plackets. This shirt can be made from many different materials, some of them being merino wool, knitted pique cotton, and silk. Polo shirts are versatile since they can be matched with both trousers and shorts.

A lot of designers and clothes stores sell preppy clothes. Therefore, finding poor quality pieces is easy. Preppy clothes are associated with class and elegance, and as such, you have to invest only in the best. Be sure to go through a store’s or designer’s reviews before you get your preppy clothes from them, just to ensure that you get the right quality.

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